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FLOWVANA'S pillow spray is made with 100% Organic essential oils. Perfect to help you relax, keep calm, unwind and relax. This essential oil blend is created to help create a peaceful enviromemt for a good night's rest.

Ingredients -

Essential oil blend -
Lavender- Promotes relaxation, relieves anxiety, stress, & promotes sleep.
Bergomot - Elevates mood, relieves stress.
Roman Chamomile - Helps with anxiety, stress relief, promotes sleep, soothes the mind, & promotes relaxation.
Geranium- Supports emotions by creating a calming and grounding effect. Helps relieve stress and calms nerves.

100% Organic Witch Hazel
100% Organic Rose water
Purified Water

Directions -
Shake well before use. Spritz onto your pillow and/or linens before bed time for instant relaxation.

4 oz Rose Gold glass Bottle

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