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Palo Santo ( Holy Wood ) & Lavender bundle

Hand made energy cleansing Palo Santo ( Holy Wood ) & Lavender Bundles to help clear yourself and spaces of negative energy and bad vibes.

Palo Santo (Holy Wood ) -
Spiritual purifying and energy cleasning.
Protection and the removal of negativity. It's purpose is to purify and cleanse, to rid of bad influences and its smoke is believed to have healing and theraputic powers.

Lavender can be burned to clear space of negative energy.

This bundle can be used during mediation.

Directions for use -
Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite your palo santo stick, hold at an angle and allow the stick to burn for 20-30 seconds and blow out the flame. Set your intention, say a prayer and walk around your home, work place, car, any space you need to clear energy and set your intentions. Your palo santo stick and be uses many times. When finished make sure to place stick on a fire proof bowl or plate.

Qty 1 stick

Palo Santo sticks 3-5 inches long
Lavendar Stems 3-6 inches long

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