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MakeUp Setting & Face Mask Spray

FlowVana has a 2 in 1 Make up setting spray and face mask spray created with 100% Organic ingredients. Refresh, moisturize, and set make your make up giving you that dewy glow.

This spray is great to use on your face mask, just shake spritz 1-2 sprays onto the inside of your mask. Giving you a calming, relaxing aromatherapy session while wearing your mask out to the store, work, school etc. Safe for kids to use. Great for those who are getting breakouts due to wearing there face masks for a long period of time, helps clear the skin of blemishes and break outs.

Directions -

Make up Setting Spray - Shake Well and spritz 2-3 sprays onto your face prior to applying your mascara to set your make up.

Face Mask - Shake well and spritz 1-2 sprays onto the inside of your mask let dry for 30-60 seconds and enjoy your aromatherapy session.

Ingredients -

100% Organic Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Aloe Vera & purified water.

Essential oil blend -
Lavender - Used for calming and relaxing the mind and body, relieves tension, soothes anxious feelings. It has powerful antioxidant properties which help skin aging. Promotes cell regeneration, and makes your skin soft and firm.

Bergomot - Uplifiting, calming, and can also help reduce anxious feelings.
Along with its soothing fresh citrus scent, it's anti-microbial and
anti -Inflammatory.

Myrhh - Soothes irritations, rashes and itch. Moisturizers the skin and helps seal hydration in. It also softens the skin, fights wrinkles, and helps banish scar and blemishes.

2 oz - Matte Black glass bottle

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